The Missing Link for the CrossFit Athlete Treatment

CrossFit Athlete Treatment

This is a good article about the treatment needs of a CrossFit athlete but we at Dakota Ridge Chiropractic don’t An older man performs exercises- CrossFit Athlete Treatmentgenerally agree that all cross fit athletes need treatment once per week, but CrossFit Athlete Treatment at regular intervals would be beneficial.

The Missing Link of the CrossFit Athlete: Treatment:
by Lindsey Mathews of

As a chiropractor in Los Angeles, California, specializing in biomechanics of the body, balancing the musculoskeletal system, and integrating functional neurology training, the number of patients I’ve seen from the CrossFit world has more than tripled.

At first, I thought “What the heck is this CrossFit thing? And why are all these Crossfitters hurt?” As my relationship with CrossFit developed, I began to understand what was happening.

Like many athletes, CrossFitters have developed outstanding training programs for themselves. They are willing to train weaknesses and devote time to skill work. They are exceptional workhorses, taking on large training volumes. In addition, the most incredible aspect of a typical CrossFitters’ routine is their relentless attention to nutrition. In a world that does not encourage eating clean, I must tip my cap to these diligent folks. In my opinion, however, these remarkable routines are missing an integral part. The part I’m talking about, of course, is treatment or care of a CrossFitter’s body.

In general, the CrossFit population seems to be willing to eat like a saint, train like an animal, and make lots of sacrifices in the name of performance. When it comes to treatment and maintenance, however, it seems to take the extremes of a catastrophic injury to get these folks to see a chiropractor, physical therapist, etc. >>Read more<<

CrossFit Athlete Treatment

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