Kinesio Tape: The Latest Olympic Accessory

Many have noticed the latest fashion accessory on display by our Olympic athletes this year. One might say ‘fashion statement’ but kinesio taping has therapeutic value.

Kinesio taping works on 3 levels;

  • by assisting in reducing inflammation of injured tissue,
  • providing a mild level of support to the muscles around an injured joint,
  • and providing kinesthetic stimulation of nervous system receptors to reduce pain.

While there is not much in the way of published research articles, clinical trials effectively support the use of the tape. In my experience the vast majority (over 90%) of people who have the tape applied, feel it provides a benefit. I would argue that any product providing such a high rate of improvement far exceeds simply placebo.

image of bruise showing kinesiotape healing patternNotice the photo of a person who has sustained a large contusion(bruise), you can clearly see where the kinesio tape was applied healed more rapidly. No question the tape has a beneficial effect in injury healing and support.  Next time you have an injury consider trying kinesiotaping applied by a certified professional like myself. It is both cost effective and can be very beneficial in recovering form your injury.

CNN: Kinesio tape: The latest Olympic accessory By Jen Christensen

(CNN) — Beach volleyball players, particularly Olympians, are known all around the world for their incredible skill with the ball. They’ve also been known for wearing those skimpy uniforms.

Now, something that’s covering their skin is getting a lot of attention.

It’s called kinesio tape. The tape has been around for decades, but during the London 2012 Olympics, it has been spotted stretching and spiraling in interesting patterns on some athletes.

U.S. silver medalist Trey Hardee had big black pieces snaking up his legs in the decathlon. German beach volleyball star Katrin Holtwick wore bright blue bits of it running up and down her six-pack abs. Even ping-pong players were reportedly wearing it.

With its Olympic popularity, athletic trainers say you can bet you will see a lot more of the tape at your local gym or on the playing field this year. <read more>

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